CRMC Committee Elections 2016 

We have 3 people standing for election and there are 2 vacancies. Only CRMC members can vote, either by post, or electronically, or in person at the AGM. A member who casts either an electronic, or a postal vote, may not then vote at the AGM as well. Every CRMC member has a maximum of 2 votes, equal to the number of vacancies. Voting forms with all 3 candidates selected will not be counted. 
Postal, internet and email votes: Voting by and methods is open until 30th November 2016.  
After 30th November 2016, if you haven't voted, you will only be able to vote in person at the AGM.  
Voting at the AGM: Members must register as they arrive at the AGM showing their current membership cards. No card no vote and no duplicate membership cards will be issued at the AGM as we simply won’t have the time. Such signed in members will receive a voting form and a document with the candidates’ statements on it as a reminder. Joint memberships i.e. a couple with one membership card are only entitled to one vote. 
Voting at the AGM will only be on the supplied form where each member will select at least one candidate from the list and a maximum of 2, equal to the number of vacancies on the committee. If you have already voted by post or electronically you cannot vote again at the AGM. 
At the AGM the Election of Committee Members will take place after the Eligibility Reports have been finished. The candidates will then have the opportunity to address the AGM. The Chairman will then call a ‘Comfort Break’ and at this point the votes will be counted. The candidates may be present at the counting. 
The result will be announced by the Chairman as soon as possible after the counting is finalised - the applicant with the most votes will fill the first vacancy, the person with the second most the next vacancy and so on until the vacant posts are filled. 
In the event of a tie for the last vacant place then voting eligible members at the AGM will be provided with a piece of paper to write one of the candidates name on. A simple majority vote will then decide the matter again counted in secret by the tellers. 
The new committee becomes effective at the end of the AGM and must meet immediately to elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman or Vice Chairmen and discuss any such business the new Chairman wishes 
Please contact the Club Secretary Sally Russell if you have any questions at Houndshill Cottage, Banbury Rd, Ettington, Stratford-on-Avon CV37 7NS 01789 740866. To email Sally Russell please click here  
To vote online, please complete the official CRMC voting form on this webpage 

Nominees for Committee Elections 2016 

There are 3 nominees for 2 vacancies. The nominees are: 
Anji Yardley 
Dave Grigson 
Della Bufton 

Official CRMC Electronic Voting Form - Electronic and postal voting has now closed 

All CRMC members have up to 2 votes.