CRMC Committee Elections 2016 

We had 3 people standing for election and there were 2 vacancies. Only CRMC members could vote, either by post, or electronically, or in person at the AGM. A member who cast either an electronic, or a postal vote, could not then vote at the AGM as well. Every CRMC member had a maximum of 2 votes, equal to the number of vacancies.  
Voting at the AGM: Members could register as they arrived at the AGM showing their current membership cards.  
At the AGM the Election of Committee Members will took place after the Eligibility Reports had finished. The Chairman called a ‘Comfort Break’ and the votes were counted. The candidates could be present at the counting. 
The result was announced by the Chairman after the counting had finished. 
In the event of a tie for places, attendees at the meeting were informed that they would be provided with a piece of paper to write one of the candidates name on and a simple majority vote would then decide the matter, again counted in secret by the tellers. 
The new committee became effective at the end of the AGM and had to meet immediately to elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman and discuss any such business the new Chairman wished. 

Nominees for Committee Elections 2016 

There were 3 nominees for 2 vacancies. The nominees were: 
Anji Yardley 
Dave Grigson 
Della Bufton 
At the AGM all the electronic votes, postal votes and eligible votes at the meeting were counted; voting for all three candidates was close, but the successful nominees were Anji Yardley and Dave Grigson.  
At the CRMC Committee meeting held immediately after the AGM, the following were duly elected in accordance with the CRMC Rules: 
Mark George was elected CRMC Chairman 
John Davidson was elected CRMC Vice Chairman 
Sally Russell was elected CRMC Secretary 
Tony Finch was elected CRMC Treasurer 
All other committee roles will be considered at the next CRMC committee meeting but it is envisaged that these will continue to be carried out by the current CRMC committee members.