Last update 14/02/2016 
Here are all the forms you need to join the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club, apply for CRMC Machine Eligibility and all the Race Entry Forms for 2016. Downloadable forms are available where you see a green text link. 

CRMC Forms 

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2016 CRMC Eligibility Forms 

CRMC Production Racing 
The Avon Practical Sportsbikes Production Championship 
This series is for standard road bikes with very few alterations allowed. We are re-creating the big series Production racing of the 80’s like MCN Streetbike, Castrol 6 hours and so on when manufacturers sold loads of bikes on the back of very standard Production bikes being raced by the likes of Wayne Gardner, Joey Dunlop and Mick Grant in the UK, Australia, USA and Japan. 
Things like braided brake hoses and aftermarket rear shock or shocks are amongst the few modifications allowed. The regulations in this document give details of what is and what is not allowed. 
Classic (i.e. pre 73) machines are allowed in this series under classic (ACU) production rules – 
email if you need any more information 
If you have any queries email andy.proctor@ 
Costs of racing with the CRMC in 2016 
CRMC Membership is £37 and you can join online at 
ACU licence – see the ACU website at 
Race Fees – typically a 4-race weekend will cost £175, but this varies from circuit to circuit. You can find out the cost of racing at each event if you go to the Library page and click on the event you are interested in entering. 
CRMC Race Dates – see the CRMC website Race Calendar page 

FIM Europe Vintage Cup Forms 

FIM Vintage Cup information > see the Calendar page 
FIM Europe Entry Form > see the Calendar page 

CRMC Race and Entry Packs 

Click on the download links for each event to view and print a form for each event, including all supplementary regulations.  
For Racing, you should download the Race Regulations and complete the Race Entry Form If you want to Parade, you should download the PR6 Parade Regulations and complete the PR6 Entry Form. Why not download all the forms and submit all your race or parade entries at the beginning of the year? This is a good way of helping to secure your entry and reducing the chances of being a reserve. For further information about the next and upcoming events, go to the Events page. 

New & Additional Information for 2016 

This information should be read in conjunction to the 2016 ACU Handbook (or CD) standing regulations for Road Racing, the supplementary regulations for each particular meeting and final instructions issued to each competitor. 

Changes for 2016 

Change of Solo Classic Eligibility: 
Gordon Russell has retired from the CRMC Committee and solo classic eligibility is now handled by John Davidson. Please see the Contact page for contact information 
Grid Positions: 
As trialed throughout 2015, in 2016 the first race of the weekend will be decided on a combination of Championship points and known ability, the second, third and fourth races by the fastest lap times of the previous race (including non-finishers). 
Oil Containment for all machines 4-stroke motorcycles and sidecars from 2016: 
As announced last year, from 2016 classic solo 4-stroke motorcycles must have an oil catch tray fitted. Part 2 of the CRMC Eligibility Booklet states: 
"All Classic four stroke and sidecar machines must meet the oil containment requirements detailed in the Road racing Section of the ACU handbook. The previous dispensation will not apply at CRMC meetings from 2016.